Face-to-Face Education with Sam

Taking your creativity to the next level

As nail professionals we need to stay on trend and keep up with the competition, creating viable designs which are quick to apply and can make us some money. But we also want to push the limits and develop our skills, taking our creativity to the next level – and that’s exactly what my workshops are designed to do!  

Book your place on one of my unique workshops, book a one-to-one or host your own workshop. Either way we work together to develop your own style, enhancing your creativity and your business. Workshops are suitable for all levels of nail technician, from students to professionals.


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Workshop Catalogue

Below is an outline of each of the workshops I currently offer; if you would like to host one of these (more details here) or enquire where & when the nearest class is being held, please email me on 


This is an all round workshops, ideal for beginners and intermediate, or advanced technicians looking for some inspiration

SV1 thumbnail
Salon Nail designs Workshop 1

The first day on the making trends collection, Sam teaches you up to 8 different designs and looks, which are salon friendly.  Each nail will take just 10 mins to complete but will look like you have spent hours creating them. Using a range of unique and innovative application techniques and products, designed and developed by Sam she covers a varied range of looks which your client will love.You will cover pigment applications, ombre, nail art pen, gel painting, colour science, some fine art skills, design placement and hand painting.

SV2 thumbnailSalon Nail designs Workshop 2

It’s all about the flowers and FX in this second trends workshop, Sam covers up to 8 different nail designs using a range of her own innovative application techniques and products to make nail art in the salon easier, faster and a lot better than the competition on the high street.

SV_T&TSalon Nail designs Workshop 3

Combining new salon viable designs & introducing the latest trends, from chrome effect to mirror encapsulation, this is a perfect workshop that is ever changing. Working for the Salon, you will be able to incorporate these techniques into your Salon nails.


Seasonal Salon Design Workshop 1 & 2

If you have enjoyed the other Making Trends Work sessions, then this is a great seasonal  solution, Sam will cover a range of different designs depending on the season you choose, from Christmas, to Halloween, Valentines and Easter. Never be stuck again for Holiday nails and expanding your design portfolio to give you an edge on your competition. 

Using a range of different and innovative application techniques and her own products, Sam will show you how to make some magic with pigments, get the best use from your nail art pen, and sprinkle a little velveteen over your nails, to make even your sourest client smile. You will also cover the amazing gel paints and learn how to get some effective shading in no time at all. all of these are great classes, especially if you’re tired of doing the same old thing on your clients. 


HANDPAINTEDHand painting

Hand painting is always a skill every nail technician needs to master, to apply a simple fine line or create these stunning faces and textures, requires a little knowledge in light and shadow, how to use a brush and get the very best from your paints. Each design you learn, covers a new technique which you can then incorporate into your other art work. This class is designed to push the limits of your skills, and take you to the next level. You will learn how to draw a face, a skull and clock and snake skin. This class works with the medium, black and white paints and the orange brush. These nails are a selection of the designs you will learn on the day, you will receive a choice of what you will learn. 

shadow flowers trio websiteGel Painting – shadow art

Learn the art of shadow painting, and do this with gel paints. Find out how colour can become your friend and really perfect your shadow and highlight skills. This is a great workshop to start your gel painting journey. Create perspective and movement in your work with simple colour. We will also cover simple animal faces and basics.


GELPAINTING 1 smGel Painting 1

Gel Painting these cute Animals, you will learn how to place your design and create a 3D effect with flat art. transferring a design from paper to a nail, using some simple techniques and getting your perspectives right is key to creating that perfect design. then blending and fading with gel, working with shadows and highlights.

DOLLS IN GELDolls in Gel

Learn how to master gel painting with this workshop, paint one of these dolls and learn how to mix and blend your gel paint colours, working from just a pallet of 4 colours and black and white. Painting an image onto a nail tip in gel could not be easier with sam’s simple tricks and techniques….in fact it is almost easier than painting with acrylic paint.



You will cover hand painting, using the gel paints and acrylic paints. You will also work with the one stroke technique and incorporate the medium, to create a water coloured effect. Mastering a face, working on eyes and adding light and shadow to give it dimension is something you will perfect on this day, along with using the brush effectively. The skills you learn can be used in your Salon viable work. 

aqua-1-smallIntroduction to Aquarelle

A brand new workshop, where you will learn all aspects of watercolour, otherwise known as Aquarelle. You will learn the basics and 5 different design using this beautifully delicate technique as well as learning how about placement of the design, controlling your colour application, and editing your design so it is light and airy. 

Aquarelle for Christmas

Including Rudolf, a Snowman and a Robin, this is a very festive workshop, all using the Aquarelle watercolour application.  Find out some additional secrets to working with Aquarelle over a dark base and how to include pigments into your design.

Flat 3D Acrylic Design / Silk

Sam will transform your acrylic skills, with this acrylic design class, working on a totally different look than the normal flowers and bows, you will learn how to encapsulate a simple 3D flower and then work up to a more 3D look. This is an advanced workshop, and designed to give you a wide range of options when working with acrylic. Sam will also cover some shading and hand painting techniques.

Each course and the designs covered covers a specific application technique and Sam will inspire you with how you can use the techniques you learn on the day. The classes are not just an apply and repeat, over the course of the day. Every nail is different and designed to push the limits of your design capabilities.




1. Introduction to Fantasy

Learn the craft of fantasy application, perfect your acrylic skills and control the product to make some stunning and out of this world nail art. This class will show you how to create butterflies and flowers in acrylic, which is not for the faint hearted. These are not for the salon, but to show case your skills and enter the competition circuit. Sam teaches you the fundamentals of fantasy and gives you the basics to start you on your fantastical journey into acrylic design.

2.  The next step to Fantasy

Go on safari with Sam, and perfect your acrylic skills, you will learn about developing character, how to create an awesome tiger eye and make an animal out of acrylic.

3. Exploring Fantasy

Fairies and Angels are the topic of this class, moving on from the last class, you will learn how to create a figurine, with gel wings. Developing your acrylic skills this workshop is not ideal if you’re starting out in Fantasy, but perfect to concentrate on your application skills.

4. It’s not too late

The most fun your will ever have, this day centres around the little rabbit in Alice in wonderland. As part of a bigger picture you will learn how to build a fantasy design display, designing from paper and working on the elements to make them fit.

5. Christmas Fantasy

What a fun way to explore acrylic design and fantasy, learning a host of new fantasy applications, from creating flat work into 3D and 4D and building a story on one nail. You will hand paint to finish the nail with acrylic and paints.