I got sent these forms about a year ago now and just like any piece of alien technology, I popped them in the draw and thought, I will deal with that later.

No seriously I really did pop them in the draw…why? Because they were so far removed from what I had been used to, the old school forms here a quicker option for me in my limited time.

Little did I know how wrong I was.

 So one day I was doing my nails, and opened my draw of forms, reaching for my trusty old roll of Green Ezflow forms (now when I say old, I really mean old, because I don’t do that many clients anymore, I don’t run out of forms, like ever!)

I spied the black and green samples tucked in the back, wondered what was so special about these and thought why not give them a go.


Remember I am an old pro so of course no need for instructions! I soon realised applying the center portion on the back was a no go. Once I had figured out what on earth the little ear things did, I sort of put one of the forms on, nice and snug……what wait…..omg they really were nice and snug.

Fit like a glove springs to mind. “Ok this is a fluke,” I thought “let’s see how they fair on my difficult finger”….come on admit it, we all have one!

Amazing, each form placed so well, maybe little stiffer than i am used too, but this was working in my favour. intrigued now, I wondered if what they say is true “a form maketh the nail”. Well ok not sure if they actually say that, but I do know an ill-fitted form equals a wonky old nail.

Because the form sat so straight from the nail, I was able to apply a good balanced shape with ease, and joy of joy…the form was not moving! Now I am not telling you all this to sell these forms, this is not my brand and I don’t distribute them, so the only benefit I might get is a little thank you from Rebecca for this blog post because of the many sales she will get, from curious nail techs who have read this. 

But before you go off and click this link, http://bit.ly/sculptingforms and find out for yourself how alien technology can improve your nail skills, let me tell you the point of this blog post.

You see it is all about change, I was quite comfortable doing the same old thing, using the same old tools and happy with the same old results. But this wonderful industry of ours is changing and evolving on almost a daily bases, not just with new brands popping up overnight like a pimple on your chin, but the development, innovation, and imagination of some of the industry leaders are helping us small folk on the ground, doing nails. ( well you guys anyway, I only have 3 clients left now)

There are people moving the industry and standards forward with new thinking but just like my reaction to the forms when I looked at them, some nail techs don’t think it applies to them.

 But what if I had embraced those new forms a year ago and let the easy application benefit me. 

Wow the time and effort, not to mention frustration I could have saved myself! 

Why do we avoid change or something different? Fear perhaps, of the unknown, of doing something outside of our comfort zone, Is it laziness? Are we so time poor and overloaded with information we don’t feel inclined to push ourselves outside of that comfort zone to try something new. I don’t have the answer because we are all very different.

You see the point I am trying to make here, is that we are provided with a host of opportunities, products and new ways of living which could make our lives simpler and maybe more productive. But we choose to do what we do in the same old way because it is easier, cheaper and quicker. We think that by trying something new we have to take time out of our busy lives to do it, and it will take away from what we have already. Yes, this might be true, but that thinking is small minded.

It is all back to front! The investment in time or even financial might pinch for a small bit, but in the long run, save you time or make you money.

It is the short-sightedness of humanity which will impact our future. Gosh, that was a big old complicated sentence. But what I am trying to say is, that by not embracing change, even the little things, and doing it the “old way” we are not benefiting on improving ourselves, our skills and gaining time or making money.

Education, for example,  I know I know, I harp on about its benefits and why we should allow others to help us grow, how the investment in courses means that we can benefit from the time and knowledge the educator spent learning the techniques we are about to use. But this is one area where most Technicians (not you of course) are short-sighted.

The investment of money stops them, and they justify this by saying, they don’t need to change, and feel ok with the knowledge they have already have. I know we all have money issues, but you will always have them until you find a better way of using your money and investing it into things which improve a situation. In other words, you have to spend money to make money.

Innovative products like Poly gel and even Gel Polish when it first came out (can you remember back then). The questions about why this new application method was needed, how it could possibly help when soak-off gel in a pot was good enough. And what is this alien goo in a tube, like why would you even need to use that when Acrylic is much faster? Hello…have you learned nothing? Where would you be if no one bothered to invent acrylic, you woud still be using fibre and resign to fix and strengthen nails. 

This is the future and development like this, allows us to grow and improve our skills, and produce those kick-ass nails in half the time with little effort.

So, the take away don’t throw something new in a draw next time or say ” I will sign up to that course next month” because if you wait, you will still be where you are next time, there is never a right time, except right now. (and your competition will overtake you)

Believe me, from the world most efficient procrastinator, it is better and financially profitable to do it now.

If your reading this and agree, or have questions, please leave a little comment, I would love to hear from you. If your reading this and thinking yep, alien technology is scary shit I am not ready to cope with it,  trust me, it is just a puppy in disguise. However if your one of life’s embracers, congratulations…I want to be you!

ps. Just in case you’re super curious about those Mystic from I am raving about here is the link to get them from nails and co. http://bit.ly/sculptingforms.  But wait there is something else. To get the ultimate shape on your nails, or for those troublesome nails that are wide like mine, you might consider using the pinching clips from Be Creative. http://www.sambiddle.co.uk/must-haves.html#Clips. 

These clips are fab not just for acrylic but for holding your gel nails into the perfect C Curve whilst you cure. The clip can’t over pinch and will be inline with your side walls. Ideal for holding shape on a new set of 10, because you and I know we forget to go back and pinch right. A nail tech’s secret weapon!