Do you really want to enter a competition but don’t have the courage, confidence or Cojones to do it.

  • Do you doubt you have the imagination to enter? 

  • Do you wonder if you’re good enough to compete?
  • Do you even know where to start? 

Have you been inspired by the fabulous entries at Nailympia London? Have you been watching my behind the scene Facebook Lives whilst I have been judging and thinking, I would love to enter, but I am just not good enough? 

 The No 1 question I get asked; “Can I enter this competition and can you help me Sam”. Yes! I can help, but I can’t just run a one day workshop, covering the basics and then wish you the best of luck, is just not going to cut it. So I have come up with a better solution. One which will get results and turn your “can I?” into “hell yeah, I got this” 

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Nail Art * Boxed * Photographic * Fantasy

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I specialise in confidence! With a side order of nail art. I help 1000’s of nail professionals battle their inner creative demons and find their artistic angels and I am about to offer you the unique opportunity to be part of a live mentoring group. Where I work with 20 passionate and potential competition winners, over the course of 3 months, where we will work on your Competition entry together. 





This is an ONLINE live workshop which lasts 3 months, 

There is no need to travel, just turn up to the bi-weekly virtual meetings where we will discuss your progress. An online 121 where we develop a plan, find a solution to issues and where all your questions are answered. There is so much more on offer in this LIVE workshop, it is ever evolving, with additional information and all your questions answered. You will have me by your side as you develop your concept, build your entry and commit to the competition.  



This course will start in FEBRUARY, it is a live workshop which lasts for 3 months. You will not be able to sign up to this course after the course starts. During the course we will begin the process of developing your plan, deciding on the competition your entering and making a schedule. If you’re interested in being part my Inspired Competition Team, then pop your name down on the waiting list. This is not a nail art course, it will not cover art and application. It is a mentoring course, to help you figure out a way to bring your ideas to life, to have all your questions answered and more.