This is not another new year, new me, blog post, I promise!

So I weighed my self today, and this is how I looked when I saw the scales. I kid you not, I was so surprised and not in good way.


Since November 2017 I had managed to collect another 5lb, I know the culprits to be mince pies, but seriously 5lb’s. Shaking this disaster off I pulled out the my fitness pal app which is great by the way for recording your weight BTW, and other more important things like being a food and exercise diary, (when you remember to add to it every day Sam).


I looked back to Jan 17 and compared the weights, OMG more gain. Who am I kidding I didn’t need an app to tell me I had gained weight the mirror did just fine and the not so gentle struggles with getting my jeans over my hips.

This is not another weight gain, new year new me blog post, I promise you. For one we are a little too late for that since it is nearly February.  I am just warming you up for the main course. (damn it food analogies, again). How you gain weight is pretty self explanatory, more food less exercise, in case you wanted to try it, it is very easy you know. If you needed to know how to loose it, well less food more exercise, and a lot harder! 

But the reason why you gain weight is little harder to understand. My therapist told me (yep I do have one) that for every lb of fat someone carries, it is actually a lb of pain. It is like building a wall of fat to protect you from that thing that hurts you. Or when your in dis-ease (not in a good place, if you need a translation there) then you nurture and comfort your self with food. the same way a mother or friend would come up and place an arm around you and say we love you, it is going to be ok. Well for some they don’t have that comfort, and have learned over the years to comfort themselves with food. Or it could be drink, drugs gambling and the other well known addictions out there.

This is a very deep and complicated topic, and definitely one a therapist would be required to combat the issues that lie beneath the lbs of fat.. but there is one take away you could use today.

You see for me food is my comfort blanket, and last year (2017) I had a whole bunch of medical issues happening. I ended up, after hospital stays, MRI’s and a few a doctor banding around the cancer word, and then getting a pretty hefty diagnoses which meant I needed to make some changes if I wanted to continue being active and without pain.

During this time of uncertainty, I comforted my self with food, and couldn’t exercise as I didn’t know what was going on with my spine.

I have a diagnoses now, of degenerative spine disease, hemangiomas in two areas of my spine, and a pinching of the nerves right bang smack in the middle and my neck. This should be a much longer paragraph explaining the issues, but to be honest it is boring now.  You don’t need to know what is going on, in fact your probably not that interested in the specifics. Basically, it means I have a lot of pain, and limited flexibility, which equals painkillers every day!

So what is your take away, why are you still reading this? You see during the time of all the appointments, I was eating bread and cake like it was a new phenomenon, and of course, it made me gain the lbs, I am enjoying today.

But today is a new day, and all of the above happened last year, in the past. Do I need to carry it with me, do I need to start my day with my past hanging over me. We love to blame, we blame others and then we blame ourselves. and it is that blame which is so damaging. You see in the few paragraphs above I blamed my health issues and pain for the weight gain and eating habits. I also blamed the biscuits  and bread for the growing cupcake I had called my stomach.

I could look in the mirror right now and hold onto those 5lb’s, blame my health, myself, other people for the gain or I could own it! I did it myself and I did it to myself yesterday, in the past. 

Today is a different day and today I will make changes to what is in front of me now.

I shall not carry my past or blame it for my present situation, instead I shall start today fresh. This is what I have to work with and I am just thankful I am able to stand here in front of my mirror.

So if your in week two or six of your new year diet, and not feeling the love of kale and chicken for lunch every day, feeling grumpy because you shouldn’t have put yourself in that situation with all those mince pies over Christmas then try this…….

Look at yourself in the mirror with fresh eyes, don’t think about what was, the past has been and gone and you can never get it back.

This is a new day and you are a new person. The extra wrinkles, lb’s and grey hair is part of life. Try and accept these changes and decide how your new body is going to look and feel moving forward. Accept the changes and then change them for the better. Don’t hang on to what was and try and get back to that.

Time travel is for TV programs and films, and there is no magic box in your cupboard, so there is no way you can enjoy your body as it was1 year ago, or 10 years ago.

But you can enjoy your body today, and believe me in 10 years you will wish you had.


Accept the changes, the scars and the bulges, and don’t search for what used to be. If you want to improve what you have now do that, but it is futile trying to mend something back to perfection.

If you let go of the past and stop blaming past actions, then your mind will be free to work on the future.

 PS. By the way, this works for almost everything in life, relationships, work, home…even husbands.