T-Shirts & Hoodies

Originally I wanted to create a couple of branded t-shirts for the 2018 Event, however, I thought why not open this up for all my members, and anyone else who wants to show the world they have been inspired! 

So I asked my husband really nicely if I could hijack his “side hustle” (that is a business on the side) which just happens to be supplying T-shirts for his Army pals, and he said YES! (with a little arm twisting too)

So now we have 3 Fab T-shirts available for you in a range of colours and sizes. All you need to remember is, once you click the link to the shirt or jacket you want you will be whisked over to his page, and all your business will go through his company. 



The Inspired Online T- Shirt & Hoodie

“That hoodie is one of the most fav things I have in my wardrobe today!”

Probably my most favorite thing in my wardrobe, I can’t believe how well this washes. I wear it every day to the gym, it is soft inside and kept its shape on the outside. A simple logo is over the left breast, which is full of colour. An awesome bargain! Available just in black and yes it does go up to the extra cuddly sizing! Click the button to find out more. 

The Inspired online T shirt. Simple, bright and tell’s the world your part of something colourful and creative. What more can I say… Oh yes, it comes in 9 different colour’s too. click the black buy me button to find out more about sizes and prices. Available through my husband’s website ( so don’t be alarmed with the army looking font or the website domain name, it is a squaddie thing apparently).

The Inspired Competition Team

For competition team members only! 

Please click on the link and check your sizes. Please wear your team t shirts or hoodies on the day you compete, and on the final Awards day (Monday)

Team Green

Team Orange

Team Purple


This T-shirt is a ladies fit with a lower scooped neck line.  Come in size 8 to size 18


This T-shirt is a ladies fit with a lower scooped neck line.  Come in size 8 to size 18


The standard round neck T-shirts come in a larger range of sizes, for a looser fit. You can cut the neck and add your own creative twist to this one. This size goes up to XXL.

These T-shirts will not be coming from Be Inspired, and the orders will be processed through my husband’s company – Ally Bastard clothing, You will receive your T-shirt direct from the manufacturer in approximately 7 days. Any issues or problems with the order please contact me and I can let John know. We will not be responsible for sizing issues and there are no refunds if your T-shirt doesn’t fit, each shirt is printed to order and we do not hold stock. Please check the sizing chart on the T-shirt pages for clarity. 


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