Christmas is a bittersweet con.

 There is nothing quite so perfect than the Friday afternoon, the week before Christmas, When you know there is just a few days left before you get to spend 4 uninterrupted, guilt-free feet up moments with your family, in front of the TV eating mince pies. Yep it is the tinsel and holly time, and before I break out singing carols and holding up the mistletoes, let me get one thing clear about this time of year. 

It Sucks!


Well not entirely, it is a bittersweet con, this whole holiday period. Because I love it so much, but am so frustrated with this winter interruption.

Everything seems to stop!

Don’t you find that?

I am literally in my stride, and then boom the last two weeks of the year are a write-off.  So why does taking time out suck, because it takes so long to get back on the horse again!

I have some great momentum going at the moment, but can’t do anything because there is this holiday in the way. with the expectations, temptations and commitments that come along with it.Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the Christmas cheer and wish you the very best holiday, but I am determined that this year I will not be caught in the post-Xmas blues.  

Right now I am all about scheduling, goals, projects, and plans. In fact every morning I spend 30 minutes on my journal. Not the whole dear diary moment, but really getting down and dirty with my day, month and yearly plans, and dreams.

I kid you not this is Motivation with a capital M.

Why, because I am draining my brain of all those little thoughts and wonders, and moments of “wouldn’t it be lovely” and making them real. I am paying attention to my day, giving it time and energy, and wow it gives back to me tenfold.

Yes yes I hear you, your saying….Sam is on the wooo woo train, but hear me out people.

If you take a moment and write down what you’re grateful for, spend some time and think about what you would like from your day, your tomorrows and even next year, then all of a sudden those thoughts are not rattling around in your head. They are there in black and white, then become real. In your head they are not real and can be swallowed up by those negative thoughts, also rattling around in there, like…. “don’t be silly sam” and “why are you saying you love coffee it is bad for you”, “you drink to much”. “Don’t be grateful for a mince pie it adds to your ever-growing bottom”…you know those thoughts (well at least I hope you do, otherwise I am sounding like a crazy woman right now).

The idea is that if we have fleeting moments of positive power thoughts, we must have the opposite negative thoughts as well. The sad state of affairs is that you probably don’t even know you have them…..because we are not paying attention.

For the past 3 or 4 months I have been paying attention and it has changed everything. I am telling you right now….putting pen to paper and writing down stuff that makes you tick will keep you ticking in the right direction.

So what has this got to do with Christmas…..?

Well, I have got goals girl, like crazy ambition, absolutely magnificent goals for 2018, but this whole Christmas thingy is getting in my way, I am worried I will loose my mojo. (I am very well aware this is a strong possibility, as I am a lazy girl at heart) . So how do I cash in on mince pies, enjoy my fluffy slippers up in front of the tv moments and still stay on track?

My best self-journal! Right now I have made a list of everything which needs to be done during the holidays, I have planned my days around those things and set my self micro goals which won’t interfere with family time.

But the biggest thing is I have given myself a start time for January 2018, which means I have planned my 2018 “todo list” too. So instead of thinking I have to work on Monday, it is more like I am excited about starting this new project on Monday. You see we have a habit of sabotaging our goals, because we don’t want to fail, so by writing them down and tasking yourself those micro projects you might just realize your dreams too.

This Christmas do something amazing and buy this best self-journal, you will absolutely love it.