Membership Terms & Conditions


    1. The membership Inspired for Life offer has no guarantees. Because of the nature of the course and how it is delivered, I can’t offer refunds either. 
    2. You will access to each individual modules through the website, they are all password protected and you can access the lessons with your log in details.  You can post your results in the feedback centre.
    3. Please make sure you check your spam box or promotions tab in Gmail for emails from the inspired team.
    4. Place on your email white list so your emails from us do not get lost or go into your junk email. For instructions on how to do this – click here to White List us
    5. If you need to change the recipient email address for your subscription please do so by emailing This may take unto 14 days to change. The subscription does not automatically re new, you will receive an email reminder and link to re subscribe.
    6. You can stop the email newsletter by emailing us direct at or click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. Unsubscribing from the newsletter will not unsubscribe you from the course,  but you will no longer receive emails from us. By law we can not re add you to the subscribers list, and you would need to sign up again.
    7. It is not acceptable to share your subscription details or protected content passwords. This could result in termination of your subscription, without refund. You purchase to view the content online and it is not to be resold.
    8. The video content you access as part of your subscription will also be available to purchase by non members, but at a higher price.
    9. Content will not be exclusive to The Inspired group; you will just access it at a better rate.
    10. Content will not be available for download and is only accessible online.
    11. You will be given the option to purchase a USB containing all the lessons to view off line at the end of your subscription, the price to be determined.
    12. All lessons will be made available for you to watch during your subscription period, if you unsubscribe or do not continue to pay then the lessons pages and your feedback will not be available.
    13. If Be Inspired ceases to trade, the website will no longer be available and you will not be able to access your lessons.
    14. Sam Biddle images cannot be used for self-marketing and promotion without the express permission of Sam Biddle.
    15. Films and videos provided through this annual membership are not to be reposted on any other social media or video upload sites.
    16. Sam Biddle reserves the right to use content, designs, footage within her own marketing, promotions, within media or to resell at a later date.
    17. All content belongs to Sam Biddle at Be Inspired.
    18. 10% discount offer on face to face education applies to courses run by Sam Biddle and not by a third party host. If a discount has been negotiated for you then we will let you know of this.
    19. Any product discounts and offers exclusive to The Inspired may vary each month, you will be informed of these within your communication each week/month.
    20. If you have signed up for SNEAK PEEK weeks trial. You will receive 4 unique and edited lessons, these lessons  will give you a fair idea on what you might achieve. Please understand they have been specially edited for the Trial. You will have access to feedback and critic from Sam during this time. After the trial has ended you will not have access to these lessons unless you subscribe to the full course.