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Don’t just learn the design, master the technique. 

A trio of courses perfect for expanding your nail art skills and pushing the boundaries. These Courses are suitable for beginners and advanced nail tech’s wanting to learn Aquarelle, Zhostovo or Hand painting. 

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Learn the art of watercolor, a different application to using acrylic paints this course will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

  • Learn 7 different designs you can use in the salon.
  • Master Colour theory
  • Find out the difference between acrylic paint and water colour.
  • Learn 3 different application techniques.

This course is perfect for someone who has never used watercolors.

Lifetime access – £29.95


Hand Painting

Learn how to paint like a pro and develop and plan your designs on the nails. This mini-course concentrates on hand painting and takes you to the next level of nail artistry. 

  • 12 lessons, a workbook & steps.
  • Draw, plan, and develop your ideas.
  • Produce thin lines without the wobble.
  • Perfect perspective and depth. 

Want to learn how to paint faces, this course is your starting point.

Lifetime access – £29.95


Russian folk painting on nails, reinvent this technique and learn how to master 2 paint application. Painting flowers and butterflies this is a fun, relaxed application. 

  • Using pigments, paints and gel paints.
  • Learn 7 new designs.
  • Create layers and give your art a softer effect.

This course starts at the beginning, so perfect if you have never tried this technique.

Lifetime access – £29.95

 Get this Artisan Trio for £75

Get access to all of these courses today and save £15. 


What do you learn in these courses?



Aquarelle is an amazing effect, and now you can offering your clients something beautiful and different. This course will teach you how to create amazing background effects. Add stunning detail and build a narrative across the set.

This technique isn’t just for the underwater themes and sky’s,  it’s also great for flowers, feather, and portraits.

Learn the difference between acrylic paint and watercolor. Patience, Placement & Colour theory along with 7 stunning designs you can use in the salon.  

There are 11 lessons;

This course everything you will need to learn this technique and includes downloads, step by steps and information on colour theory every artist needs to know. 

  1. My top tip on prepping tips for Aquarelle.
  2. Aquarelle the basics. This lessons covers everything you need to know about the different options you have using watercolour and the difference between aquarelle and watercolour
  3. How to prepare your paint pallet.
  4. Practice design, get to know your materials with this pebble design.
  5. learn how to create blue skies, clouds and blend your colours to get a semi-transparent effect with this ballon design. 
  6. This peacock design is a great hit with the clients, using pigments in the design, we are mixing up the techniques.
  7. I show you how to do simple poppies on a real live person, so you know that watercolour is a salon friendly application. plus how you can simplify this complicated flower with aquarelle. 
  8. My favorite, the pink rose hones your skills, if you have completed the other lessons in this course, you will understand the importance of this one. 
  9. Using a slightly different application technique, I include this design to create a heavier effect with watercolour.
  10. We finish off with a sepia feather, a beautiful soft design which screams depth and dimension. introducing the power of shadows and highlights.
  11. All the lessons are available in one classroom page, so no flicking around the website. simply log in, watch and learn.

Hand Painting

 You will learn 10 different designs in this course, the subjects include flowers, birds, faces, fish, bubbles, feathers and palm trees.

Each design contains many different techniques. You will learn how to plan through sketching, my laying technique, that outlining is not needed and the tricks and tips to shadows and highlights.  

Includes a workbook and steps, this course is perfect for intermediate to advanced. If you are a beginner, I would advise you buy the salon viable course first. 

There are 12 lessons;

There are 7 videos in this package covering 10 different designs, with an additional 5 master classes, which you will need to help you acheive the looks. 

let me tell you what techniques you will be learning; 

  • gel polish
  • developing your background
  • encapsulating spellbound materials
  • acrylic fades
  • pigments
  • creating ombre’s with pigments
  • Sam’s secret to applying art over pigments
  • creating fine lines with a brush
  • shadows and highlights, making them work for you
  • layering, why it is important to creating great art
  • create 3D effects with paint
  • painting faces, roses, fish, parrots, feathers & silhouette designs
  • creating bubbles
  • using the Be Creative medium

The designs you will learn are; 

  1. Tropical Palms - using pigments to create a sunset, we start learning the basics of fine art, with this practice nail. 
  2. Peacock Feathers - More peacock feathers, using pigments and acrylic paint. 
  3. Painted Daisies - working over an acrylic ombre and encapsulated material, this lesson actually teaches you about perspective and direction. create a 3d look to your flowers. 
  4. The Parrot - using pigments as a background, you will use paint and fine lines to create and enhance the parrot. 
  5. Underwater part 1 - learn how to use gel polish to create a watercolour effect and paint koi carp over three tips. 
  6. Under water part 2 -  learn how to paint a profile of a face, underwater. Bubbles
  7. Lost in time - learn how to sketch and paint a face, clock, and roses.

MINI MASTER CLASSES included in this course are; 

  1. how to create the perfect pigment ombre
  2. how to create fine lines with a brush
  3. how to draw an eye
  4. how to draw a face
  5. how to apply a pin to a tip

You will also receive instructional videos on working with the nail art pen, getting fine lines with your brush, how to thin your pain and more. 


Zhostovo, an old Russian style of folk painting, It appeared in the early 19th century and uses paint and firm strokes with a soft brush to create flowers. Normally done with oil paints, I am going to show you the basics of this Russian art application using acrylic paints.

The technique of applying 2 paints on one brush, is similar to one stroke but is softer and looser, I think easier to master. 

This course is ideal if you're a beginner to this technique as I show you everything you need to get started.

There are 9 lessons;

This technique is different to one stroke because it works with layers, each layer a different shade of colour to create a softer effect on your flowers. 

In this course you will learn;

  1. The basics, everything you need to know about the paints you need and bushes. 
  2. A simple daisy chain, just using white, so you can understand the principles. 
  3. A traditional zhostovo design, you might recognize. helping you create a different look to your flowers and understand petal positions. 
  4. Pink daisy design, i think a hit with the clients, as this is a delicate pretty design. 
  5. Sunflowers - you will work with the different petal shapes and positions. 
  6. A stunning rose. 
  7. Butterflies, this lesson is designed to help you perfect the blending technique. 
  8. Zhosotovo in the salon. So I have added a little twist to this technique and made it easier for you to sue in the salon. 
  9. Fancy a little twist on this application. using gel paint, and reverse application of your brush you can create this awesome effect. master it and you will have a quick design perfect for the salon. 

Get all three for £75

Get this trio today and save £15. 


I have spent years in the industry as a nail tech just like you, But, I found it was hard to get to workshops and find the time and pennies to invest in improving my skills.

As an educator for over 20 years, I wanted to help Professionals like you learn nail-art in the comfort of your own home, with no clock watching or rushing to get a nail done before the next demo. You will have everything on hand all the time, so there is no forgetting what you have learned on the way home. 

 You will have lifetime access to these courses.  All the lessons are pre-recorded, so if you fancy a bit of gel painting at 4am, then simply log in and I will keep you company. (virtually that is, I will actually be sleeping at 4 am)

Sam Biddle

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