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Cartoon Characters


Don’t just learn the design, master the technique with award-winning nail Artist Vicky Taylor Dodds.  £29.95 each or buy both and save £10. 



Handpaint cartoon characters


I am delighted to introduce my good friend and Award-winning nail artist Vicky Taylor Dodds, who will be the Guest Educator on this Inspired course. 

Vicky shares her secret to creating these cute and iconic Cartoon characters.  You will learn how to draw any cartoon character with a simple trick using shapes.

Cartoon characters are a fantastic add on for any nail art, giving your clients more options, and a little fun too.

Lifetime access – £29.95


  • Content: 6 videos 
  • Suitable for: beginner, intermediate and advanced 
  • Working with: paints
  • Lifetime access. 

Cartoon Characters in 3D


NOW AVAILABLE – this course makes your cartoons come to life! Vicky will show you how to combine acrylic design application, in 3 different ways. From 3D flat or silk application to the traditional coloured acrylic method.

This course is perfect if you are new to acrylic design or trying to get to grips with it.

It’s all about product control, and with simple shapes, you can start your journey with this course and have the fundamentals to progress into the more detailed flowers and petals. 


Lifetime access – £29.95

  • Content: 7 videos 
  • Suitable for: intermediate and advanced
  • Working with: paints
  • Lifetime access. 


Get both Courses for £49

Get access to the first Cartoon characters course and pre-order the second one today and save £10. 



What do you learn in these courses?


Hand painted Cartoon Characters 

Watch how Vicky works with simple shapes and divides the nail into sections so you can master any character you want.

What might look complicated, is super easy and a whole lotta fun. Your clients will love these looks. 

There are 6 lessons;
  • Bluenose bear
  • Panda
  • Pooh Bear
  • Micky Mouse
  • thumper + bonus lesson
  • Doc

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3D Cartoon characters 

Now Available, This course will show you how to break down the shape of cartoon characters so you can bring them to life.  Combine acrylic design application, in 3 different ways. From 3D flat or silk application to the traditional coloured acrylic method.

There are 5 lessons;
  • Learn how to pick up a bead of acrylic and control it.
  • Learn the difference between using white acrylic & painting it and coloured acrylic
  • Building from flat art
  • 3D design
  • Hand painting your acrylic design.
  • Puppy
  • Teddy
  • Goofy
  • Doc
  • Cheshire cat

Get both Courses for £49

In this bundle, you will instantly receive course 1, hand-painted Cartoon Characters, but you will be pre-ordering the 2nd course.


Inspired Guest educator

Vicky Taylor Dodds

Vikki Taylor Dodds is based in Newcastle, she and I have worked together for many years, first meeting in 2006. I have seen her skills grow, and it is her talent and sheer determination to Master her craft that won her Nail professional of the year along with a host of other awards. I was very excited to invite her to join the inspired online team.


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