New to Nail Art?

Online Beginners Course, designed to help you nail your nail art, and get your clients coming back for more.

  • Are you new to nail art and don’t know where to start? 
  • Do you look at your nail art and think… why can’t I get this right? 
  • Or you have wielded a paint brush before and a bit of a superstar with a stamping plate?

Then this is a course for you!


The ONLINE COURSE  which show you how to nail your nail art and more.

50 + Lessons

From basics to intermediates, each new technique is in a separate module, making it easy to learn, and refer back to. 

Ombres to dots

Learn a range of techniques, including fine lines and different tools. This course teaches you the fundamentals of nail art.

Not just the art

Learn how to profit from nail art, plus covering colour theory, colour mixing and looking after our business. 

Access for life

This course is available forever, with a one off payment you can refer back to this course as many times as you like. 

Your educator

Sam Biddle

From one creative to another, we all need to understand the basics, and yep we need little inspiration when it comes to clients nails that can be done in the salon.

I can show you just what you can do with a brush, dotting tool, a small pot of paint and some polish. You no longer have to feel baffled by marbles, ombre’s, and chrome, or intimidated by detailers and fine lines. You see for the past 10 years I have concentrated on making masters out of nail artists, those nail techs who have already been bitten by the nail art bug, but now…

It’s your turn! 

As a small business owner you can dip your toe in and out of this course, there is no pressure. Being part of Be Inspired online is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my nail journey. 

Wendy Walsh

You are amazing, thank you for sharing your incredible talent with me. You have inspired me to push beyond my self imposed boundaries. I am doing nail art I thought I would never be able to do. 

Danielle Candido

Thanks to joining be inspired online, I am achieving things I thought I could never do, my confidence, has improved greatly thanks you Sam, you have changed my business for the better.  

Samantha Vasiliou

Why Nail Art?

Turning your glitter into cash, nail art is a way to get noticed and get booked.

  • Nail art will make you money
  • Be creative and express yourself
  • Help your clients to express themselves
  • Build a following and get known for your own style
  • Grow your skills release your talents

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How much money could you earn this year by upselling nail art to your clients at £3 per nail? I’ll give you a clue: thousands.

The course.

Module 1

We start at the beginning!

Introducing you to nail art, If you’re not sure yet on how to polish nails, then this will help you, want to create a wow worthy french, module 1 is where you start. But this module does not substitute learning the basics of Nail Technology. This course is all about art the other stuff is for another day.

  • Basic manicure – simple methods to prepare the nail plate.
  • Polish application
  • French polish
  • Basic Colour Theory
  • How to charge for Nail Art
  • Basic Nail art Etiquette

Your Module 2

Ombre, blending, colour fade. 

In this Module, you will learn 4 different Ombre or colour fade applications, trust me, each one will give you a different look, but there will be just one which will be your go to.

  • Pigment
  • Gel Polish
  • Acrylic paint
  • Using a Paintbrush

Module 3

The Marvels of Marbling

There are many different ways to create a marble effect and of course many different looks you can achieve. In this module, I show you them all. 

  • Acrylic paint on gel
  • Acrylic Paint & water
  • Traditional Gel Polish
  • The Cling film method
  • Aquarella marbling
  • Pigment & Monomer

Module 4

Fine tune those fine lines

There is a simple trick when it comes to creating a fine line, and it is not the brush.. this module will reveal all, here are some of the looks we will cover. 

  • Lace
  • Hearts, Bows & Balloons
  • Swirls and leaves
  • Abstract flowers
  • What brush you should use for what job
  • How to handle a brush & clean it.

Module 5

Go all dotty about it!

There is a lot more to dots that you can imagine, but believe it or not it takes a little skill and some patience. 

  • Dot Ombre
  • Dot overlay
  • Dot patterns
  • Dot flowers
  • Dots abstract
  • How to accent effectively with dots.
  • Dots with gel

Bonus Module

Marketing Miracles

Without good marketing know how, you will never be able to sell your nail art. In this modules we look at all the ways to get your nail art known, plus some other stuff you might not have thought to do.

This module is coming soon, and still being edited.

Module 6

Flower Power!

Flowers are the one thing I get asked about over and over, and it seems, they are not everyone’s cup of tea.

  • Lavender Fields
  • Daisy Chain, over 3 nails
  • The Accent nail and upsell.
  • Three rose designs
  • Daisy in Detail.
  • Working with light and shadow
  • How to place your flower so it is not floating.


Module 7

Nail Art Pen

Get Zen with the nail art pen, we will be looking at scratch outs, graffiti & zentangle. 

  • Pigment and rope
  • Scratch out 
  • Queen bee graffiti
  • 4 different Zentangle designs
  • Flowers with the nail art pen
  • why the nail art pen
  • what do do when you open the nail art pen. 

Module 8

Stamping with Success

A look at stamping and just what more you can do with a stamping plate.

This module includes the stamping basics, trooubleshooting, how to create a sticker with your stamper, stamping over pigment and createing an ombre effect with your design. 



Module 9

Foils, Material, stencils and tape.

I have had such fun with this module, we have used all types of foil application from glue to foil gel, I have included striping tape, stencils (my new favourite application.) You will also learn how to encapsulate material too.

This has alot of different designs, and applications, and packed with inspiration too.



Module 10

Glitter & gems

I have included these application methods, because they are the ones I get asked about the most. This final module answers all questions and includes an alternative “mke your own embelishment lesson too. 

Full Beginners course

  • 10 modules
  • 50+ lessons
  • Lifetime access



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