This is less of a “feel good” blog post, and more of a rant!


 But I feel I am entitled to feel little rage every so often, and I am certain you guys can agree!

So someone calls you to book an appointment, you then let her know that will be £35 on the day, you hear her gasp and then say,

“WHAT I have to pay for it….isn’t it FREE?”


“No Miss Pain in the ass, I am running a business, I have spent money on my training and have overheads, rent, materials, and staff ect….so sadly I can not provide a free service, as much as I would love to. So yes I have to charge you. The very same thing would happen if you bought a toaster in hardware store or ordered soup as a starter. They all charge you”


I would include a not so polite response, but It is Thursday and we haven’t quite hit the weekend yet for those type of words.

So do people think that education should also be free?


Right now I am launching a brand new course – not justifying it to you or anything but let me tell you the process of building such a course.

  • Planning, research and preparing examples for the lessons
  • Developing a structure which nail techs will find easy, enjoyable and enriching.
  • Filming over 80 different lessons
  • Paying for editing those lessons
  • Paying for website to host course and other monthly online costs
  • Advertising this course
  • Staff to help you when you can’t remember your password, and we spend on average about 30 mins dealing with your inquiry, which is generally user error
  • My skills and experience as a nail Artist and educator – a lot of invested time and money in my education

If I was to actually total this up it would run into the thousands to produce, launch and host this type of course. So to sum it all up in a nutshell; no it can’t be for free!  I am not sure what people are thinking when they say – you can get this for free.


You can watch someone paint a design on a nail and tell you the put a line here and there and bam….look at how amazing I am! Is education?

  • But why does that line work there?
  • Why are you using that brush?
  • I want to see the paint?
  • Let me watch you mix that colour?
  • What if it goes wrong, what can I do?
  • When should I apply this and that….and so on.?
  • How the heck do I sell my Nail Art?
  • So I learned this design, whats next?

Hey listen, my friend, I can sit there in front of “real housewives” and scroll through youtube video’s, appreciating the amazing talent of nail artists all over the world. Yes some do provide a limited amount of education…but I am not being taught everything I need to become an all-rounded nail professional which provides fabulous nail art.  These people on youtube are there to sell themselves, make money through advertisements or promote their brands and products.

So what caused this rant…..OMG!!

Last night I received a comment on my post advertising the new beginners course;

Who comments on someone else’s post and suggests an alternative option?  I am in business just like you….My business is education and I try and give you the very best so you can better your business which is nails!  Why are we so bent on destroying other people by making ourselves look better!

So I replied, in the only way I know how, with love and understanding ….here it is!


So the point of this blog is not to name and shame some random American nail tech who comments on posts, without thinking of the consequences.  It is about the power we have over people without even realising it!

She had power over me last night and could have hurt my business with a seemingly innocent comment!  Imagine though if she was to change those words into something positive and supportive to a fellow professional. 

Imagine what a difference she could make to someone else world without even realising it. By looking at the post, and seeing the person, business and opportunity to many others behind it! Imagine if she just thought before she typed! 

Today you could change someone’s life with a few simple words, you could affect someone’s day with a positive intention.


Oh and by the way – that course I am advertising…A for AMAZING! Seriously you should take a look! here is the link;

But if your a cheapskate and think that learning nails is easy, and done for free…don’t bother!

If you feel education should be for free, please share your reasons why….and if you have a way to cover the costs so I can make this all free for you, let me know….because damn it I will be on that suggestion like a bear to honey. There is nothing in the world I love more than watching my students grow and develop…, but sadly I also need to provide food for my family and a roof over their heads….you know how it is!