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That’s right! we will be opening the doors for the last time in 2017! 

The waiting list is growing so fast, I wanted to give you all another chance to grab a place on this amazing course. You don’t have to do anything right now, just join the waiting list and you will be the first to know! 

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"This course is so much more than just Nails!"

“This course is much more than nails and art, this course changes peoples lives. I would never have guessed that my life would have changed since starting this course.  I have become more confident in myself and my work,  made new friends and developed my passion for art. Since I joined Sam online course I have now landed myself a great job, with great opportunities! I am entering competitions, not only for nail art but hair as well. I have found my confidence in everything has changed, I am even learning how to drive now because Sam has shown me, how to conquer my fears.  I have never believed I was good enough, but now I do!  Now my life has just begun!”   RJ Walker

  • Are you frustrated with just not being able to ‘get’ how they do the latest look? 
  • Intimidated with those “OMG how did she do those” nails you see on Facebook!
  • Want to enter a competition and just don’t have the balls…yet?
  • A total nail art novice and have zero ability?
  • Have a hidden inner creative monster, desperate to get out, but have no clue where to start. 
  • Do you feel like there is something missing in your art and just can’t put your finger on it?
  • Maybe you’re just amazing at nail art, but just not getting the recognition. 
  • Perhaps you just need me to hold your hand as you dip your toes into the colourful world of nail art art.
  • Are you that person that craves more? Do you browse Pinterest & Instagram wishing you could do that nail art?


Check out what Anthea Thomas has to say about the course! 

“It is the little tricks, tips and short cuts you learn which helps you make money in the salon”


Take the class at your own pace in your own time


This course will play on any browser and device connected to the internet


Sam will provide feedback on all your work and mentor you through her exclusive online group, just upload a photo.

In a nut shell, this course takes you on an amazing journey of colour, nails and a whole bunch of other cool things which will not just make your business grow, but your confidence and skills too. At first, I designed a regular nail art course because, to be honest with you, I love nail art, but it seems after 2 years and working with over 600 members, it has turned into something else entirely.


Every one of my members gets access to me as a virtual one to one for 12 months! I will be spending time with you to get you where you want to be, from increasing revenue in your business to perfecting fine art skills; your success is my goal.

Sam Biddle

International Nail Artist & educator, The Inspired online

How is this course different?

What our Members say ...

Real feedback from real users

“I work full-time running my own non nail related business so very rarely have time for courses. Sam’s online courses I can fit in when its convenient to me. The actual videos are really clear, Sam explains well and the camera is set up so that you can see what Sam is doing rather than guessing as is what happens on some nail videos I’ve watched. You can use any products that you have available, it doesn’t matter if Sam uses silver glitter and you only have gold or that you use a different base colour. As long as you are learning the techniques that Sam is teaching. The FB members page is invaluable, so many techs from all over the place all striving to achieve the same goal. Sam’s critiques are always fair, if Sam can see where you can improve she will tell you but also gives you good points too, never just negatives.

Although Sam does have a life (I know she does cause I’ve seen the dog videos!) it really feels like she is on FB 24/7. It’s rare not to have a reply shortly after posting on the page. Sam’s online courses can be paid for individually or in one hit and even that is cheaper than one day’s training and you get a new lesson every fortnight. I’ve never been to a course that can teach you so much for the same money. BEST value for money ever!”
Anthea Thomas

“I really love this course, it’s setting new challenges and gives me the confidence to do nail art I never imagined I could do”.

Christina Pope

“This is a great way to access training 24/7. You can watch the videos over and over.  Sam takes you through each step explaining in detail how to complete the design, and then gives honest, helpful feedback via the members group.

We are on week 3 now and I feel I have already had my money’s worth after previously paying much more for inferior training with less helpful tutors. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their nail art skills”

Marie Ashton

“This is a perfect way to invest in yourself, Sam won’t disappoint, she is here to teach us. Her passion and talent go above and beyond and she is sharing it with us.

It’s not that much $$$. I have spent more for a one day class and didn’t get near as much out of it and you can re watch each lesson over and over again”.

Shannon Arnold

“Sam Biddle’s Inspired online learning tutorials are the best I have seen and very good value. Sam’s style of tuition and her explanations are so easy to understand and follow. With her guidance I have been able to produce nails that a few weeks ago were beyond my wildest dreams.  Truly Inspiring!  thank you Sam x ”

Jaine Tawton

“Sam Biddle’s online learning is amazing, the designs are brilliant, the techniques you learn are very different and the films are easy to follow and very detailed.  Best money I have spent on my ongoing nail education for a very long time. The feedback you get for your work from Sam and your fellow Inspired is priceless, this is very good value.“

Cher Kneebone

“I think The INSPIRED online is a great investment and the level of skill taught is amazing.

Plus the tutorials are simple to understand and Sam is always on hand to help and offer advice”.

Nailboutique Scarlett

“This is a great way to learn on-line, you don’t have a deadline to keep to as such, you can stop go and make your dinner and then come back to it or leave it for a while – the choice is yours.

It works out a lot cheaper in the long run and you can also buy everything on-line Sam has a link to were you can go to buy all you need.

Marks out of 10 11! I love it”

Shirley Hutter

Be the first to find out when we are back, join the waiting list!

Thanks, I got your details and will send you an email as soon about this exciting opportunity.