These mighty mini nail art courses are just

£29.95 each

…and that includes

  • No traveling, No parking, No petrol costs.
  • Watch anywhere at any time, you could even watch in bed if you like…I won’t tell!
  • You can get an enriched course with hours of education, and me whispering in your ear, oodles and oodles of sexy words like fine lines and small brush strokes….I mean, really….how can you resist?
  • They never expire – that means you get them for life! You can re-watch as many time as you like, on any browsers on any device and you get instant access!

These mini online courses allow you to learn in real time, in your own time. You can pick and choose your lessons and decide what, where and when to learn. Each Mini Online Course has individual video tutorials and is tailored to cover a specific topic – everything from fine and advanced art to one stroke, from fantasy application to salon viable designs. Now available through so all your course content will be available on one website, and you have just one login to remember! 


So what are you waiting for? 

Who created these mini marvels of oh so amazing nail art?

That would be me, Sam Biddle…Hi,

I have spent years in the industry, as a nail tech just like you, salon owner and educator, I have devoted my time to help nail techs all over the world find their inner creative warrior.  Why? Because it is not just about art and nails.

I really believe we need to have the confidence in our own abilities, the inner knowledge that we are good enough and the drive to share our colourful joy with our clients and the world. I want to give all nail technicians the confidence to change their nail world and get what they want from it. 

Yes maybe I do it with art and nails, but we all have our secret weapons and showing you how to get the most out of your nail career through the medium of nail art is mine. I suppose this is the point where I tell you I have won countless awards, been featured in industry and non-industry magazines, travelled all over the world sharing nail art secrets to hungry nail techs like you, oh and have more front covers than fingers! YES, all this is true and more, but it’s not as important as what you’re going to get out one of these mini courses and what I can do to help you get to where you want to be. Besides, I was never any good at intros and self-promotional blurbs. 

Brand New Course

One Stroke pt2 with Carol Sheeny Hailstone



The amazing Carol “Sheeny” Hailstone is back!  You wanted it…You got it! Part 2 of One Stroke is here covering 7 brand new designs and a step by step guide with our Guest Educator Carol “Sheeny” Hailstone, Instant access for Life and all for less than £30! 

Part 2 of The One Stroke online course can be yours when you click the pink button below. Get 7 in depth lessons, instant access FOR LIFE and all from the comfort of your armchair.


Missed out on Carol’s other course? 


If you have not done Carols’ first course and/or brand new to One Stroke, IT’S A MUST.

I promise you, it will explain a lot, give you the foundation to one stroke you need and show you how to practice the movements with your brush,  how to load your brush with paint and more. It goes into enormous detail and a MUST before you go into this course. As an educator, it is my responsibility to provide you with an all-around learning experience and give you as much information as you need to accomplish the objective’s set out in the course.

So please take my advice and enjoy Carol’s company a little longer with her first course. 

All you need to become a nail art Ninja

pic and mix your courses

All Mini Online Courses come with worksheets you can download and all the information you need to complete it. 

So you’re going to want to know more about each course, that’s easy simply click on the images below. 

How can you resist? You now can learn something brand new today, sitting in your Pajama’s at home (I promise no one is watching).

Check out the previews

just to wet your appitite

Buy a Tiny Taster for just £19.99

if your still on the fence, this is your way in...

Buy the Tiny Taster Course for just £19.99, why should you do that? You see I am certain you will love all of my mini courses, but if your totally new to online education, or thinking – Urmmmmm I can learn all this stuff on you tube, well this will hopefully show you, that actually Paid for Online education included educated instruction and explanation, those other FREE video’s lack.  I am so certain you will love this tiny taster and find it useful, that I want to give you a head start to your mini online collection! 


This not so tiny taster will wet your appetite for the main course of mighty mini nail art workshops available to you online!

So your not sure if this whole online learning lark is for you, well your not going to break the bank with any of my mini-courses, which, by the way, pack a mighty punch…but I know what it’s like, that whole “should I, shouldn’t I”, dilemma. 

Now available for a tiny taste of how you can

  • Learn how to hand paint like a boss
  • Save time in the salon
  • Marbling tricks that blow your mind
  • Reverse art application
  • Tempted with Zhostovo? a way to use it in the salon
  • Nail art pen and pigment Essentials
  • Ombre in Minutes and create a blend not stripes
  • How to make money doing nail art in the salon and more


Coming Soon!

Join the waiting list and you will be the first to know about it! 7 brand new looks, to push your one stroke skills to the next level! Join the waiting list for Free, and we will send you a quick email when the course is released. 

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