Hi, My name is Sam Biddle and I have put together this brilliant offer for you.

Venture into Nail Art with me and learn a bit of everything with these two very popular courses which I have bundled together. Plus a virtual rucksack full of Nail Art must-haves to get you started completely free.


Summer Bundle Offer available until July 2018

2 x Mini Courses + 3 coupon codes + £15 worth Nail Mail.

Click the pink button and get a first class seat on two of my most popular online courses which cover a range of different techniques from Aquarelle, shadow painting, gel painting, 3D flat art, poly gel technology, pigment and monomer marble, dotty art and more. These two courses cover over 16 different nail styles using a range of applications. PLUS receive a Bonus 'travel pack' (*this does not include a sleeping bag) to help you on your nail art expedition. This includes 3 vouchers from Be creative, Be Inspired Online and Mystic, plus a little nail mail from me to wish you bon voyage.

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This offer also Includes 3 fabulous vouchers giving you 20% discount on all the kit you need for both of these courses. PLUS I will be sending you some nail mail which includes things you need, but can't find on the website. 

What will you learn?

You will master fine lines, blending, shadowing and highlights. Find out what “silk’ design is all about and create 2 beautiful shadow nail art looks. From Luna Hares to Unicorns, you will cover flower and lion heads. Call this class a taster for all the new techniques you can get hooked on or maybe it is just a great all-rounder mini online course which is at the best value ever!

Play with poly gel technology and I will show you how to create nail art with it using a stamper and a brush. Incorporate it into your 3D flat and use pigments and gel polish. Intrigued? I will also show you the secrets of pigment and monomer, a few dotty ideas with a dotting tool plus an in-depth look at planning, preparing and laying out a boxed set. 


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What's a mini online course?

Everything you need to know about Be Inspired Online

I have spent years in the industry as a nail tech just like you, salon owner and educator. I have devoted my time to help nail techs all over the world find their inner creative warrior.  Why? Because it is not just about art and nails. I want to give all nail technicians the confidence to change their nail world and get what they want from it. 

But- I found it was harder and harder for nail techs to come to workshops and classes, finding the time and the pennies to invest in their craft was a struggle. I know from personal experience learning in the comfort of my own home, in my own time without clock watching or rushing to get a nail finished before the next demo was far better. I also found that after a workshop (on my journey home) I was full of enthusiasm for the practice sessions I had planned to perfect the things I learned.  Until about an hour or two down the motorway, when tiredness and hunger strikes. 

By the time I got home, I had forgotten a lot of the fundamentals I had spent hundreds of pounds on. So I decided to help nail professionals like me, learn at their own pace, at their own speed and give them a reference to return to over and over again. 

This is how the mini online courses started. Since then, I branched out into online mentoring and lifetime memberships. Although if you're just getting to know me this is a great way to pick and mix your education. 

Choose what you want and it will all be housed in your own online classroom. You will have lifetime access and be able to watch it on any device. All the lessons are pre-recorded, so if you're up at 4am and fancy a bit of aquarelle training then simply log in and I will keep you company. (virtually that is, I will actually be sleeping at 4am)

With more nail art courses available you can add to your collection and build your own portfolio of workshops. Here is a link to other workshops available; https://sambiddle.co.uk/beinspired/online-education-choices/mini-courses/




What you need for these courses!

Use your 20% discount codes and save some money on your Course Kits. 

Get everything you need for these courses at Be Creative www.sambiddle.co.uk. 

  • Neon pigment collection
  • Brights Pigment collection
  • Pretty Pigment collection
  • Gold Pigment & White primary pigment
  • Acrylic paint
  • Nail Art Pen
  • Gel paint kit
  • Orange detailer brush

Get your acrylic and Fill and form, from Mystic with your 20% discount; Nails and Co

  • Mystic fill 'n' form white and clear,
  • cleanser,
  • matte top coat,
  • gloss top coat.
  • Fill and form application brush
  • Acrylic and Monomer
  • size 4 detailer brush

Get your net online course using your 20% discount code at www.sambiddle.online

Dotting tools

You will find in the course I use these dotting tools. They were part of the event kit, but I have 21 left in stock. You can get your pack for just £7.50. + Free delivery. But this is only while stock lasts. Just click the pink button. 

Aquarelle kit. 

I don't stock watercolour kits anymore but, there are kits available to buy through Amazon, I find the best quality is from Winsor and Newton- they are brilliant. You can buy it for just £9.98, simply click the pink button.



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