The Inspired Workbook for Nail Artists


The secret to great nail art revealed!

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  • If you have yet to buy my book it is now time to put down your brush and pick up a copy of the only workbook for nail artists who are looking for the secret to creating OMG nails!
  • This book contains endless tips, drawings, and sketches, steps and pages to doodle on the inside (yes you actually have to draw in the book), oodles of colour and noodles of theory (there is actually some theory to nail art). It also contains my infamous ‘Don’t’ do it list. This book is essential in becoming a pro at nail art.
  • The secret is revealed in this confidence building book, giving you the essential lowdown on nail art so YOU can paint like a pro. This book is basically a ‘self-help’ book for nail artists and it is damn funny too. Not only that you can enter our competition and win a mini online workshop work £29.95.

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