From “Aha” to “Oh shit”, I’m sharing everything I know about Marketing.

Before the idea of Marketing sends you running for cover.

Let me say you're one click away from learning how to make money, even if you don’t want to sell.

I can hear you sighing right now, We are two lines in and you don't believe this applies to you!

I’ll wait a second………

Believe it or not, I know what you're thinking.

  • “I have enough business thanks and I don’t have time to faff around looking for more”
  • “I’ve already tried marketing my business on social media and it doesn’t work.”
  • “I am just starting out so need to spend my money on my skills, not spend my money on marketing.”
  • “I am internet illiterate, I struggle working out how to use chip and pin”
  • Even if you intend to be proactive with your marketing, do you struggle with what to say, when to say it and who is actually listening?


  • Are you jealous of the people with endless ideas and damn it, you want just ONE good idea that will allow you to flex the marketing muscles you know you have?


  • You want your business to just need the secrets to market it without costing you tremendous amounts of time & money.

What if...

I know right where you are...because I was once there too.

I spent 18 years as a nail technician and salon owner, working 7 days a week with two children, it very nearly killed me. No joke…I diced with the Big C! I realised I needed to find a secret superpower to leverage my time and still earn money.

This was all before social media and the wonders of Facebook.

Moving into education and developing my online courses, I found something even sexier than a superpower. 

I made marketing my Bitch!

Yep, I definitely made mistakes and lost a ton of money, wasted time on things that just didn’t work and missed out on opportunities but as soon as I learned the art of marketing, everything changed.

With hundreds of students asking me over and over the secret to my success and why my marketing, works, I thought it was time to put it down on paper.

This book is a starting point for you, explaining (in detail) without the jargon and defiantly ZERO FLUFF.

A book is for Hairstylists, Beauty therapists and Nail technicians, salon owners or mobile, and who are looking to;

  • Find new clients
  • Improve their profits
  • Create awareness of their skills and services
  • Enhance your profile and become a industry influencer in your area.

I am going to let you into a little Secret!

It’s not that hard when you have the map pointing in the right direction. This book is a starting point for you, explaining (in detail) without the jargon what you need to do to make my reality your reality.

In 12 months I tripled my turnover.

THAT can be YOU...


  • Extra money in your bank for those fancy shoes.
  • Cash for a week in the Bahamas.
  • A full client list, (and why not enjoy a waiting list too.)
  • The security of knowing you have a good following and reputation.
  • Freedom to work less and grow your business with staff.

All this in one little book…the potential is massive

  • The key is finding the right message which will influence your clients to buy from you.
  • How do you leave an impression in less than 5 mins?
  • Take the guesswork out of finding your ideal client.  Don’t look for people that don’t fit into your business.
  • Social media marketing and understanding the difference between the two giants. (Facebook and Instagram)
  • The Power behind a post, Every post should contain 4 key elements, learn what to post where and when.
  • The difference between a personal profile and a business page
  • What are Hashtags, do you really know?
  • Who’s watching, and why you should keep your personal life private.
  • The difference between serving and selling.
  • How to turn a like into a lead, including email templates.
  • Advertising on social media and why you need to pay to play.
  • How to turn art into profit and deciding on the most cost-effective way to deliver your creativity and still pay your bills.
  • Turn glitter into cash.
  • Charging, how to break down the costs and value of what you're selling and work out what you should charge.


Buy your book directly from this website, and you will receive additional bonus Swipe files, templates and Post ideas, right in your inbox.

These will arrive via email approximately 7 days after you purchase this book. I am currently looking into producing a hard copy and will let you know when this is available. If you don't want to buy the e-version of this book, please email me at and let me know you want a hard copy. This book will be available to purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo. If you prefer to purchase through those platforms, please search for Sam Biddle or Marketing secrets for Hair, beauty & nail professionals. YOU WILL NOT receive the bonus support material through those platforms. 

I never thought I would have the courage or drive to even try and do some of the skills I have learned with Sam. Everything is broken down and simple to follow.

Paula Breakspear

Inspired for Life member.

This book will give you the ideas, the niche, the steps and the skills you need to build your business and deliver marketing prowess to get people banging down your doors for your services.

The only thing holding you back is...

  • Your fear.
  • Your suspicion.
  • Your doubt in yourself.

FINALLY…the bad news.

It is going to take you an afternoon to read this book, but the GREAT news is you get to refer back to it as it is easily segmented for follow up.

Marketing is a game you need to play NOW, not tomorrow. You can’t afford to wait, because your competition is already doing it. 

Marketing is not about social media, it is a jigsaw puzzle made up of tiny pieces which you have to fit together to get the complete picture.

Be the difference to your business today with just a £12 investment, and a few hours of reading. Imagine if a year from now you tripled your turnover? You would have paid for this book 1000 times over.

Buy this book today and it will be in your inbox in seconds! You can read it on your tablet, iPad or smartphone. Take it to bed, read it in the bath or enjoy it with a cup of tea, feet up and a biscuit or three.

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