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Have you done part 1?

There are two parts to this gel painting online workshop, and I would really recommend you do part 1 before you even consider signing up for this one.  It has everything you will need to work through part 2. I know I know, your probably looking at the designs and thinking, “I want to do the cool dolls and cute bunnies and I am great at nail art so what’s the problem, Sam”. BUT think about it, if you jump ahead THINKING you know the technique, and then just can’t make it work, your not doing yourself any favors, in fact your not doing me any favors either. You see I want you to love gel painting as much as I do, and I have created this course for you, to fall in love and get confident in this beautiful application. 

However is you have done part 1, ignore everything I have just said because you’re going to love this workshop. 

you will get 6 beautiful video lessons covering; 

  1. those shadows and highlights we worked on in part 1, well think 50 shades of gray, you have 2 colours to create these cute baby elephants
  2. get your ruler out and the calculator, I am going to show you how to shrink an image to fit on a nail
  3. This owl is going to melt your heart, just watch how you make him look more 3D 
  4. and the bunny, yes I am killing you with cuteness in this course. 
  5. so now we get all serious, this lesson shows you how to properly measure out and draw a face.
  6. getting the skin tone, shading and the basics about portraits, well the colour part…actual portraits will be a totally different course. 

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and sign up for Gel painting part 1 and 2, these courses and every technique you learn in them are there for life. Remember it is less about the designs and much more about the content and what and how you apply the product, then you can recreate any look, animal or face in your own style. 

You also have downloads and other materials to help you with this course. it is all available in one classroom page, so no flicking around the website. simply log in, watch and learn. Collect your mini-courses and you will find them all listed at When you buy this course go check your emails and you will get all the log in information. Any questions email me at


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