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COMPLETE ONLINE WORKSHOP: 6 videos, mini master classes and workbook

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Salon Viable Nail Art – with a difference


Instant access to your lessons online. I have put together a short video of snippets showing you 13 different nail designs perfect for the salon:

Limited stock of the USB’s are available, please email me if you want to order one. You will have to pay £5 shipping.

  • Content: 6 videos ranging from 20 – 40 mins + 4 mini master classes
  • Covering: 13 salon viable nail designs with a difference
  • Suitable for: beginner, intermediate and advanced looking for inspiration.
  • Working with: pigments, paints and gel paints, stamping plates over gel polish ( no acrylic or hard gel)
  • This is a collection of individual films, each demonstration is a detailed tutorial and I give you plenty of time to work along side me, but be ready to hit pause when you need little extra time.
  • workbook – you will receive a workbook which you can print off, this contains the kit lists, step by steps, my top tips and practise pages.

Creating nail art and nail designs in the salon today is all about staying one step ahead of the competition, now I have brought you a selection of my best online tutorials which show you how to raise the bar in nail art without raising your prices or adding time to your service.

“Quick, inspiring, innovative ideas from Sam Biddle and her unique style of teaching, will not only have you adding that little be more but putting a whole new perspective on what you can offer your clients.” THE INSPIRED MEMBER

Each design is packed with ideas, and you are shown how to break each application down to use in your own style. You will be covering;

  •  gel polish
  • pigments
  • creating ombre’s with pigments
  • Sam’s secret to applying art over pigments
  • creating fine lines with a brush
  • using the nail art pen
  • correcting mistakes
  • shadows and highlights, making them work for you
  • create 3D effects both paint, stamping with pigment, graffiti, flowers, abstract and more
  • creating texture, adding swirls to your design, painting with pigments, working with your background and not against it
  • different flower designs,
  • abstract art
  • texture
  • water colouring, creating depth…the list goes on….

With 6 video’s in this package, covering a total of 13 designs. The videos in this course are part of our 12 month Members Group program, you will receive;

  1. Perspective in pigments
  2. Doodle nail art
  3. Pigment butterfly
  4. Abstract
  5. Flower power
  6. Blue flower in pigment

MINI MASTERCLASSES included in this course are; 

  1. how to use the nail art pen
  2. how to create fine lines with a brush
  3. how to thin your paint down to use with the nail art pen
  4. how to apply a pin to a tip

You will also receive instructional videos on working with the nail art pen, getting fine lines with your brush, how to thin your pain and how Sam’s attaches the pin to her tip. 


You will have access to this course online at, where all your complete courses will be in one place. You simply log in and work through them.

If you have any questions please email me at


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