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Did you miss the last inspired vent, well no problem, I have recorded all the lessons, tweaked and tidied them up and now they re available for you to watch anywhere and at any time you like. 

When you purchase this module plus, it will show up at the bottom of your module, so simply log into your account and scroll down. But I bet your wondering just what is in this thing. Well we covered a host of different techniques but using the same product. 

Day 1, we got to play with poly gel technology, and i will show you how to create nail art with it using a stamper, a brush and incorporate it into your 3D flat. we will be colouring it in and all sorts. Intrigued? then get this course right now, because there is more. 

Day 2, we talked about marketing…a lot. But sadly since this involves a group activity, I can’t share this, so I have added 2 extra videos for you since everyone is going dotty about dots. I will also show you how to create a beautiful soft design which runs over three tips, using pigments and monomer, and in the afternoon we started work on a mini box set. This was a scene of London which ran over 5 nails. you will watch this 2 partner and learn the ins and outs of what tips you should be using and how to place them, how to layer your design to give depth, use pigments, paints and then have ideas of where you can take it. this is the starting point and I will be showing you how the members enhanced this mini box set, with the theme of the royal wedding 19th may 2018. 

So what are you waiting for, for £30 you can get this two-day event in your pocket and enjoy it at your leisure. PLUS as a lifetime member, you will also be able to get any help and feedback on your results. 



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