Module Plus One Stroke Pt 2 with Carol


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She’s Back, for another round of beautiful one stroke.

Be Inspired Guest Educator Carol Sheeny Hailstone.

Carol Sheeny Hailstone is well known for her detailed artwork but specialises in one stroke. She has agreed to share her knowledge of this beautiful application with you again, putting together 7 different designs, exploring the different ways you can use one stroke in your art. From Unicorns and Peacocks to candles and bells, Carol will teach you with this course, it is not just a show and copy kinda thing. 


BUT please read this carefully! 

If you have not done Carols’ first course and/or brand new to One Stroke, please do that first. I promise you, it will explain a lot, give you the foundation to one stroke you need and show you how to practice the movements with your brush,  how to load your brush with paint and more. It goes into enormous detail and a MUST before you go into this course. As an educator, it is my responsibility to provide you with an all-around learning experience and give you as much information as you need to accomplish the objective’s set out in the course. So please take my advice and enjoy Carol’s company a little longer with her first course. the link is here;


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