With her 2nd One Stroke course, and we are delighted to delve into the delights of One Stroke, from unicorns to Peacocks, we have put flowers to one side and show you one stroke is not just about petals and leaves. 


Be Inspired Guest Educator Carol Sheeny Hailstone.

Carol Sheeny Hailstone is well known for her detailed artwork but specialises in one stroke. She has agreed to share her knowledge of this beautiful application with you again, putting together 7 different designs, exploring the different ways you can use one stroke in your art. From Unicorns and Peacocks to candles and bells, Carol will teach you with this course, it is not just a show and copy kinda thing. If you have watched the first course you will know Carol bares all and shares with you the secrets to perfecting this brilliant technique. 

Yes, it is possible to learn online,  I think it is better, as you can stop and start the video and never forget a single thing, as it is always there. On a face to face course, you only learn a few techniques and moves, Carol, show you so much, it is like going on a month-long course for just £30. 

Learn how to use your brush to create things other than flowers in one move. 

Carol with show you how to place a design over 2 to 3 nails. 

One Stroke is not just for Flowers, we will bring you some Christmas designs too! 


Learn to work the one move technique to your advantage. Carol shows you how you can hold the brush and change the whole design, this course is just a starting point for you to go forth and one stroke in your own style. build on the lessons and develop your own looks. 

Sam Biddle's Inspired online course, featuring Guest artist carol Sheeny hailstone working her magic with one stroke. A second course delving deeper into this amazing technique. If you have not done part one, I would highly suggest you get your copy today, as this one will take you to the next level of this beautiful craft, learning more than just nails and adding a touch of Christmas cheer in there too.
Part One gives you all the information you need including which paints which brushes and lots of Carol 'sheeny' Hailstone expertise that will start you off.
Personally, I am a lifetime member of Sam Biddle Inspired Online Course.
It changed not only my nails but how I looked at things and what inspires me so much so I have a 2nd Business hand painting wedding stationery.
This module is exciting it takes you to the next level with Carol explaining clearly how each stroke is mastered and the designs are beautiful.
If you love the look of One Stroke don’t hesitate buy both modules and hibernate as you will not want to stop.
It’s very addictive.
A couple of things I would like to add.
It is practice practice practice.
And some more practice.
And then when you get the results there is no better feeling and you can offer something different to your clients.
I will post my samples of the course as and when I do them.
Sam and Carol please please do more and Thankyou for making this affordable and accessible 

Marie Sharkey

The Nail Angels

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Read carefully...

 Suitable for: beginner, intermediate and advanced looking for inspiration. There are 12 videos in this package

  1. One Stroke the basics
  2. Brushes
  3. Loading a brush
  4. Petal Practise
  5. Leaf Practice
  6. Blossom
  7. Pink Garland
  8. Nude wedding
  9. Turquoise Pansy
  10. Butterfly
  11. Rose
  12. Poppy

If you have not done Carols' first course and/or brand new to One Stroke, please do that first.

I promise you, it will explain a lot, give you the foundation to one stroke you need and show you how to practice the movements with your brush,  how to load your brush with paint and more. It goes into enormous detail and a MUST before you go into this course. As an educator, it is my responsibility to provide you with an all-around learning experience and give you as much information as you need to accomplish the objective's set out in the course. So please take my advice and enjoy Carol's company a little longer with her first course. the link is here;