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So what do you get when you sign up online today?

  • Instant access to your first lesson, the try me lessons and the master classes and FAQ materials. Plus access tot he online group for members only.
  • Continued access throughout your membership to a further 25 detailed pre-recorded video lessons, each between 20-40 mins long with additional materials and downloads to help you. Each one released automatically onto your account every 14 days. Giving you plenty of time to learn the details in the previous lessons.
  • Master classes and additional FAQ videos, for all aspects of nail art.
  • online mentoring and feedback from me, Sam Biddle. This is unlimited, you can post for feedback as many times as you wish.
  • 12 month membership to website & members group on Facebook.
  • Worth mentioning twice, since this is a unique concept and not something other online educators offer. Online mentoring and personal critique of your work for 12 months
  • Bonus lessons & master classes and learning materials instantly
  • Access to free Try Me lessons
  • 15% discount on all nail art products at for the life of your membership plus other discounts and offers.
  • 10% off all face to face education
  • You will receive a certificate at the end of the 12 month course.

What are the type of things you will learn on this course?

  • Salon viable;They might look in depth and complicate, but these salon viable nails hold a host of secrets, which I am going to share with you. It will change how you apply nail art for ever! Salon Viable nail art does not need to be boring any more.
  • Fantasy & Acrylic Design; Get your teeth into fantasy nail art, with this Module in Year 1. There are 6 lessons covering everything you need to know about Fantasy application. Get a taster for Acrylic design, and find out the secrets to getting your 3D thin enough to encapsulate.
  • Hand painting; During this course you will earn a wealth of different applications and techniques, hand painting, learning how to hold a brush correctly to create fine lines, paint viscosity, colour theory and more.
  • Pigments; there is so much more to the pigments, it is not just about applying them as a back ground, let me show you how to create art with them and how they can save you time and make money in the salon.
  • Nail Art pen & other cool stuff; so with the growing trends I have developed a couple of designs and tools to help you save time, and make the most of your artistic skills. Mainly designed for those who think they don’t have them, some of the lessons will show you just what you can do.

CLICK HERE for a full content breakdown.

If you have any questions about this course then please do not hesitate to email me on, alternatively call 07841656898.


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