Nail It Like A Boss


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What does it take to become a successful nail technician?

As well as marvellous manicuring skills, and being a master of nail art, it’s also likely that you’ll need to be a budding business person.

There are also many directions your career could take – salon, freelancing, competitions, content creation? How do you decide? Plus, clients aren’t going to magically appear out of thin air!

How do you take action so that your nail art skills pay the bills?

How do you know what to do each day so that you can make more money and grow your business or career?

Let me help you, with Nail It Like a Boss – my new, 1-1 mentoring series that will help you nail your nail art business like a boss!

Why work with me? 

I have built a profitable, successful business over the last 18 years, starting by running my own successful salon and then building up my personal brand through education and mentoring.

Throughout this journey, I’ve learnt marketing and business from some of the best business minds out there.

And I want to help you succeed.

With three workbooks and three 1-1 mentoring sessions with me, we’ll walk through the following topics and create an actionable plan that will make your business more focused and successful, and help you be a confident business person as well as an amazing artist!

Module 1: Business Development

  • Section 1 – Personal Reflection
  • Section 2 – Business Direction
  • Section 3 – Business Roadmap
  • Section 4 – Action Plan

Module 2: Marketing & Getting Clients

  • Section 1 – Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Section 2 – Analog Marketing Strategies
  • Section 3 – Onboarding New Clients
    Section 4 – How to Automate Your Marketing
  • Section 5 – Action Plan

Module 3: Personal Development

  • Section 1: Productivity and Time Management
  • Section 2: Confidence Building
  • Section 3: Goal Setting and Planning
  • Section 4: Money and Finances

PLUS, you’ll get:

  • Recommended Resources PDF
  • Recommended Suppliers PDF

Each of these PDFs includes questions for you to reflect on, as well as top tips, strategies, and outlines so that you can get sh*t done!

Once you’ve worked through the PDF, we’ll hop on a 15-20 minute call to review where you’re at and make an actionable plan to move forward.

So, what are you waiting for? Join me for this action-packed course, and Nail It Like a Boss!