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the workbook for nail artists

"I am literally a few pages into your book and I swear this book was written just for me. I'm already shedding the self-doubt and feeling ready to tackle the new and exciting journey of nail art that lays before me! I honestly can't thank you enough".  Sam Jowett

Want to know the Secret to great nail art?


This book is for people who suffer from nail art procrastination, nail art phobia, nail art avoidance and shiny object syndrome.

Although I am not sure I can really help you with that last one.

Nail technicians all over the world have already benefited from implementing the theory behind nail art in this step by step guide. Every area of nail art is explained in a creative and visual way with exercises and examples.

In this book, I will teach you how to develop your ideas into something wearable. You will learn the theory behind colour, design and nail art itself in an easy and creative way. You will acquire the skills to turn any inspiration into a nail art that sings and sells. 

As a renowned nail artist and educator, some say, guru, I have made it my mission to share nail art with the nail world. To help nail technicians like you unleash your potential. To find the small bud of creativity and help you grow it into something which you can use within your work. Teaching online and face to face, I have been a nail technician and educator for over 16 years.

I  promise you that if you follow the simple steps and complete the exercises in this book your nail art will be amazing. You will understand the nail art fundamentals which will give you the skills to develop your own style and niche in this area.  You will no longer need to copy other peoples designs and it will be who you will come up with those unique looks.

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Want to know the Secret to great nail art?

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Don’t be the nail tech in the dark about nail art by learning as you earn you will be the kind of nail tech other people marvel at.


Don’t wait to read this book,  because you’re going to miss out on something big. Nail art is a trend and right now it is big business. Cash in on the success self-expression nail art offers other nail techs around the world and build on your profit margin.

The nail art tips, tricks, and theories you are about to read have been proven to create positive and long lasting results in your artwork, all you have to do to learn the secrets of becoming a sort after nail artist is to keep reading.  Each chapter will give you new insight into the art of nails and help you go from inspiration to creativity.  Take the step today to learn as you earn, complete the exercises and follow the steps and you will find your nail art is transformed into something that sells. Be Productive and Be Creative with each chapter and you will find the answers to make your nails the ones other people want to copy. 

The Secret to Great Nail Art Revealed by Sam Biddle

Thank you for the amazing book I have only just started it but I can’t put it down it is fantastic! You are an inspiration and this book has made me say “I can do this”
I can’t wait to get started and create my own nail art. So once again, you have done an amazing job.

Samantha Grace

"To become the best, you should learn from the best!"

Want to know the Secret to great nail art?

The book people are talking about.

Real feedback from real users

“Following Sam’s steps has pushed me further than i thought I would ever go with nail art, it has given me the confidence to take an idea and plan it, and then actually do it on nails. The information in this book has pushed my skills and has given me so many ideas for my own nail art that I would never have thought of. No other nail educator has done this and Sam truly cares about teaching her students how to unlock their potential.” 

Anthea Thomas

WOW this Book is totally amazing best nail art book i ever bought, love the pages for trying the art myself x thankyou

From Amazon - Destigo

“Before I followed the theories in this book I thought I was OK at nail art, because everyone said how wonderful I was! But after following the simple steps Sam showed me my application of nail art has improved immensely. I have learnt the correct techniques and my confidence to do the artwork has grown so much, I’m no longer afraid to show what I can do and offer it to my clients. I am 50 years old and been doing nails for 3 years. Living proof that you are never to old to learn, Thank you for showing me a new way to approach nail art.” 

Kay Gillespie

"I love this book, it really breaks things down into manageable sections that anyone can follow and actually get some fab results from! If you struggle with art, then this book is a must buy as it shows you the steps you take to create designs even if you are a beginner or consider yourself 'not artistic' (like me!)"


"A stunning book designed for nail artists of all levels. Sams step by step approach to designs means that this book covers every skill set. A must buy for all nail artists that are keen to develop their techniques or for those who are just starting out on their journey."

From Amazon - Loops

"I bought this book after being on Sam Biddle's courses and loving how she teaches. This book didn't let me down. As a fairly rubbish artist I struggle with the simplest swirls but this book has changed all that. It's not just a book it's a course! You have practice sheets and Sam Biddle explains it in such a way you understand immediately what she is saying and what you need to do. I absolutely love it and can't wait for the next book to be released."

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