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This not so tiny taster will wet your appetite for the main course of mighty mini nail art workshops available to you online!

So your not sure if this whole online learning lark is for you, well your not going to break the bank with any of my mini-courses, which by the way pack a mighty punch…but I know what it’s like, that whole “should I, shouldn’t I”, dilemma. 

So, I have put together this Tini Tiny Taster, which is actually not so tiny, when I finished with it…great news for you! 

In this tiny taster, you a few of my favorite lessons taken from some of the Mini Courses available right now to buy (for just £29.95, total bargain). We shall be covering a range of different techniques in this course so you’re not going to get the ‘full experience’ of the Mini Online courses, but you will get a feel of the in-depth content and invaluable information in each of the lessons, plus enjoy my wit and sass to boot.

Don’t fret, it’s quite alright you’re not going to miss out on a thing. You see when I say you won’t get the ‘full experience…well yes, I do mean it. You see each of the mini courses is like attending a face to face workshop, where you come to learn a skill or new techniques. So every mini course is jam packed with the ins and outs of the technique, materials and of course the secrets too. Obviously, I can’t do all of this for you today, this is, after all, a tiny taster. BUT  You will receive everything I think you need to complete the lessons, including the additional materials and downloads….and these are just too cool for cats. (Which is a good thing, since you’re not a cat, they are a perfect temperature for humans I promise)


  • 6 amazing lessons
  • 3 additional downloads, which you’re gonna love
  • zhosotovo flowers for the salon
  • water marbling without all the fuss
  • reverse design application
  • pigment ombre
  • gel polish design..nothing else needed just 1 gel polish colour
  • salon viable ideas
  • shadow art
  • cartoon hand painting – all the rage right now



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