Yay, I am coming back to Australia in 2018 and I am excited. I have arranged 2 unique classes in two different parts of Australia; Melbourne and Perth. Now is your chance to learn something totally different, wow your clients and make some cash doing something you love. 

“Cash”? I hear you say, “how is attending a nail art course going to earn me money”. Well aside from the obvious nail art, you will also learn how to sell your new found skills to your clients and increase revenue. 

You see this is no ordinary workshop, and if you have been to one of my classes before, then you know you’re in for a treat.                                               

Sam x


Melbourne & Perth

April & May 2018


29th April & 30th April 2018

 Workshop 1  * A little bit of everything. * 29th April

Workshop 2 *  A whole lot more  * 30th April 

discount available if you book both days

hosted by Jai at info@absolutespa.com.au


7th May 2018

 Workshop 1  * A little bit of everything * 7th May

one day only, limited spaces.

 includes lunch, this event is limited spaces

Hosted by Becks at beckznailz@gmail.com

You’re not paying a different price just a different currency! 

The value of this workshop is $300 per day…

…which equals £170 in British pounds.(it looks cheaper in pounds, but it is just numbers). You’re not paying more because of you’re in Australia!  All prices on this site are in £ and will be automatically converted to dollars when you go through your PayPal.  You will not be paying more than the amount quoted in Australian Dollars, However exchange rates might vary, so please consider minor fluctuations in price.  To find out the exchange rate for the day simply copy this the following into google; £170 to AUD. 


If you book your place before the end of 2017. 


Book your place on any of the Courses before the end of 2017 and you will receive these bonus. 

I want to give you an enhanced educational experience, and the one thing I find is when students go home they forget half the things they learn in a workshop. I will be filming every demonstration, and when I get back to the UK will edit this and you will get access to the ONLINE version of your lessons.  You will receive a lifetime access FREE to this unique online classroom worth £30-£50, where you can watch and re-watch all the techniques you learned in the workshops. 


I will give you a copy of my Brand new E Book – The Secret to Great Nail Art – worth £15.99. This book is for people who suffer from nail art procrastination, nail art phobia, nail art avoidance and shiny object syndrome.  Nail technicians all over the world have already benefited from implementing the theory behind nail art in this step by step guide. Every area of nail art is explained in a creative and visual way with exercises and examples. 

What are you going to learn?

check out the 2 workshops available.

WORKSHOP 1 – A little bit of everything… 

During the class, we will explore the new techniques and shows you how you capitalise on them in the salon.

Taking away the need to spend hours practicing, you get to take home the highlights of a range of technique with a hand full of designs and fist full of ideas.

This workshop will show nail art that is perfect for the salon which your clients will love, using aquarelle, zhostovo and gel painting, adding in a sprinkle pigments and a splash of paints, I am going to show you how you can raise the bar in your nail art to the next level.

Understanding the need to make money in the salon, exploring the different ways to increase revenue and stay on top of the current trends and ahead of the competition is my specialty (after nail art that is). 

In this workshop, I will give you a micro look into the world of nail art on your clients budget. See just what you can do with a brush and some pigments and find out how water can become your friend.  Aquarelle, zhostovo, pigments, hand painting, and more will be touched on this course and if you like a particular technique then you can go away and explore it further.

WORKSHOP 2 – A whole lot more.

If you’re serious about nail art then I am serious about you. Today we are going to delve into the finer parts of nail art, lifting your skills to the next level (what does that even mean?). 

This course is going to show you just what you can do with a little paint, some gel, and a brush. Taking the next level of nail art for a joy ride, this course will not only open your eyes but will inspire you. We will be working with paints & gel paint. 

Other important stuff

you have questions, I got the answers
  • The class outlines are still being confirmed, and subject to change. However, we will be providing 1 workshop which is in line with salon viable nail art and the second workshop which is more advanced techniques. We will update this page with images of what you will learn when the course structure has been finalized. The images shown on this page are not necessarily what you will learn on the day. 
  • The cost of the course is $300 AUD, You can pay your host to secure your place by clicking the green BOOK NOW button under the city you wish to attend. You will then be provided with all the information to book this course.  If you decide to pay through the website, then your payment will automatically be converted into £GBP, according to the exchange rates on the day you book. If you book more than 1 date you will receive a discount on your booking. 
  • Any deposit paid is non-refundable, unless we cancel the workshop, then we will send you your payment back. All monies will be held in a separate account in case this should happen, so you will receive your payment back, should we cancel. You will be required to pay the balance of your course 1 month before the course runs. March 2018.
  • Please contact me for further information about these courses on beinspired@sambiddle.co.uk
  • We will not be booking flights to Australia until we have received enough bookings to pay for them, you can imagine these are expensive. Please do not wait to let us know if you intend on attending any of the dates we have provided. 
  • You will receive your Bonuses after you have attended the workshops. You will receive the ebook via email right before the class.