You are loved

I just had a F&*king powerful dog walk, no kidding…you have to watch this! I have just got home from a very tearful dog walk, literally tears streaming down my face. Not because of some cuteness overload, that only my two fur Babies can...

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The actual post I was going to write.

You get a twofer' today, but even this post is not going to plan!  So I went to bed last night with a clear intention to 'love myself' this morning. It is Valentines after all right, so why not celebrate love by loving yourself as much as you would show...

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Dead Persons Goals.

 This was a blog post about valentines day, it ended up being about dead people. This morning on my very short, very cold and extremely terrifying walk with the dogs over what was a path of black ice, I was listening to my morning Ted talk. But...

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No it’s not FREE!

 This is less of a “feel good” blog post, and more of a rant!    But I feel I am entitled to feel little rage every so often, and I am certain you guys can agree! So someone calls you to book an appointment, you then let her know that will be...

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Don’t blame the past it is going nowhere

This is not another new year, new me, blog post, I promise! So I weighed my self today, and this is how I looked when I saw the scales. I kid you not, I was so surprised and not in good way.   Since November 2017 I had managed to collect...

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Change is good.

I got sent these forms about a year ago now and just like any piece of alien technology, I popped them in the draw and thought, I will deal with that later. No seriously I really did pop them in the draw...why? Because they were so far removed from what I...

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why resolutions never work

 Give yourself a 90-day deadline and add the Why & What to your resolutions for 2018. So it's all over the whole Christmas/New year break, did you get want you expected or wanted and have you set your resolutions? Big sigh...... I hate that term...

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Christmas Movie Magic

 I have just finished watching a Christmas movie, you know the one, which is heartfelt and full off love and lessons. Oh wait they are all like that.   I won’t lie there was a moment where I am thinking to myself, you should be writing emails...

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It’s all a bittersweet con

Christmas is a bittersweet con.  There is nothing quite so perfect than the Friday afternoon, the week before Christmas, When you know there is just a few days left before you get to spend 4 uninterrupted, guilt-free feet up moments with your family, in...

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I’ve got a problem and I think you have one too!

When you hear the sentence “you have to sell” do you break out in a mild sweat, and quiver at the thought? SELLING gets a bad rap, and it shouldn't. It's a beautiful thing, and if you’re thinking, “Sam has lost her marbles” hear me out! Selling is one of...

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