So many people ask me for a link to what I use when I am creating my images or editing my films. where they can get this, that and the other. There are SO many “shiny objects” out there vying for your attention. It is much easier to make a choice when someone can recommend something to you. So I have finally got round to creating my own little resources page, complete with links, images, and a little blurb as to why I love each item. 

Yes, you got it, I have been shopping for you! It was my pleasure, like who doesn’t love online shopping. 

So if you wondering just what I like to put in my basket then cruise this page for a bit. but before you do I must tell you that some of the links below are affiliate links. That simply means if you click through and decide to invest in one of these products, I get a nominal commission.
The good news?

This comes at no additional cost to you. For the full blurb on affiliate links click here for my disclaimer.

Nail Selfies

everything you need to take a good nail selfie

It is not just about the nails!

You have created the perfect set of nails, or want to take a photo of your nail art on tips, and then when you snap the shot you realise you have a hideous shadow, the background sucks and the light is reflecting on the shine.

Arghhhhhhhh you don’t have time to fanny around with positions or lighting.

These two tools are perfect!  

Originally I bought the pop up one, which I use not just for nails, but for my product shots as well. the light positioned on either side will defuse and create the perfect glow. but I upgraded recently to the harder sided one, two reasons it came with a light inbuilt and it was sturdier and easier to stand. Click the links on either of these two lighting boxes and check them out on Amazon, I found that there are some great little deals on that website which make this investment affordable. happy shopping. OH and check out my lighting recommendations below. 

It is all about the light!

I have had my daylight lamps for over 12 years now and they are still going strong. Mine are very old and a lot more expensive than these babies. I am old now too and have two of them on either side of my work desk. there is no shadow on my work and the light is even, yes it means I get to see everything no matter what time of day!

Use these lights on either side of your lighting box will create the perfect light for your work to stand out too. I have also included a more portable version, I have this as well, the lamp is not as bright as the daylight twists, but a great affordable alternative or fabulous if your mobile. 

Background paper pads.



If you’re fed up with the usual white or black background when you show off your nail creations, now there is an alternative which doesn’t have to break the bank.

Seriously one little pad will have between 12 to 24 options for you to enhance your beautiful artwork and accent your polish.

One tip with nail selfies is not to overdo the props,  and avoid material unless it is interesting textures (towels don’t count) fur or wool might depending on the design.

But pop a beautiful sepia print behind a french manicure or some pink floral paper with a tulip next to nails with a pink polish applied, and you have a beautiful shot. There are so many of these pads available on Amazon, click one of the links for options, but these two are my favorite along with dreaming florals, world travel and vintage sepia!

Selfie or Nail Selfie this is a must!

For you or your nails, this little fella is ideal and has that ‘oooooo I like that” price tag too. It is battery operated, but mine has lasted yonks. Mine has 3 settings for different brightness. Now one top tip…if you want to diffuse the light, so you don’t get the reflection of the rings on your nails or on your glasses, then just tape a small piece of white paper over the lights, it works a treat. 

Serious about lighting?

Move over ring light, for those serious nail selfie-takers, this panel light is a handy solution which solves all your lighting issues. I have this lamp and it comes in a cool little case. it is dimmable and have settings from warm to cool whites. seriously great options (and affordable) for filming and facebook live’s. 

Nail-related Goodies

stuff I can't live without


20% more appointments on average

That’s like another day added to your shop

Over 400 registered users

Customers love the freedom to book in online

75% of appointments booked online

Imagine if the phone rang 4 times less often

A  tailored booking system packed with the tools you need to focus on the job. Whatever sized shop. Only Book In Beautiful will come with you on your journey. CLICK THE LINK AND TRIAL IT

Roo Beauty Bags

If I arrive to class you can bet I have a roo beauty bag somewhere. These bags are just the best.

Why? because they satisfy all nail technicians need to have a little compartment, hole or box for their nail goodies. Roo beauty bags seem to get it right everytime. Listening to the nail tech and giving them a compartment for their growing nail collection, Roo Beauty has a solution for just about everything.

These three are my favorite bags, I have them all. But my ultimate Favourite is the Ella. I use it the most. When I need to carry a lot of stuff, I pack up my Glamour Bag as well. It holds so much. Roo beauty bags are ever evolving, colourful and practical. I love them. If you visit the website don’t forget to use this code when you check out; CLICK ME  to visit the bags I love and don’t forget to use my code at check out; Sam10

Thank you x


I wish I was young again.

I took it for granted that I would have my eyesight forever, even when I got my glasses I didn’t think I would suffer from not being able to see the details.

It was only when I started to film my work for online lessons did I see that I was not getting those lines 100% perfect and it annoyed me.

So I turned to my good friend Amazon and searched out these magnifiers.

I tried a few, somewhere so heavy they fell off off my face, others didn’t work with my glasses. These came with a tiny little light…double bonus. I have also found some clip-on Magnifiers which sit on your own glasses. They are good, but heavy, so after a while slip off your nose. 

Pigment Stencils.

So there are stencils and then there are stencils!

It took me ages to find the ones perfect for our Be Creative pigments.

You see you want ones with enough stick to adhere to the nail surface, so the pigment will not get under it, but you want one which will remove easily and not take off all your hard work. Why stencils you say?  Well quick and easy styling ladies and gents.  Place the stencil on the nail, grab your unicorn brush and apply you’re Be Creative Pigment.  Remove and top coat!

You have a 10 second upsell right there. Try it with your chrome application too. 

For your Pigment application.

Who does not love unicorns! You can thank me later, these unicorn brushes are just perfect to add a little shimmer and sparkle to your client’s nails. they are perfect for your pigment application. Of course only suitable for Be Creative pigments available here;  (only kidding these would work with any pigment collection you get)

Self Help and Healing

books and other stuff to help you grow

The 5-second rule.

This book can literally change everything for you. If your stuck in repeating the same old patterns, if you can’t motivate your self to get things done, start eating properly or even (I have to say it sorry, exercising) then this book is a must read (or listen, ideal for that early morning dog walk, plus gets that calory burn in too). So yes this is a self help book, but don’t panic, it is not overly fru fru and definitely a quick and easy read (or listen with audible). Mel Robbins gets to the point and make sense in a 21st-century language. Available on Kindle, Audible, and traditional hardback! Click the link to find options. 

Daily Greatness

let me give you 5% off your first daily greatness journal with this link;

Dailygreatness  combines daily tools for self-mastery including goal and appointment planners and weekly progress check-ins. They have a book for every lifestyle and they look beautiful too. 

check them out here; but don’t forget us my link above to get 5% off your next book. 

Best Self Journal

I bought this book because the website said this; 

“The Daily Structure That Makes Your Success Inevitable”. You know you start out with good intentions. Your challenge is maintaining drive and enthusiasm – even when life gets in the way and why you’re looking for tools to help.

I needed something which will help me structure and focuses. I also needed something which will help me achieve balance and self-development. This book does it all. How? Well every morning before I even start my day I spend 15 mins with this book. Colouring pencils are involved, that is all I will say (wink wink) it is not boring writing, you don’t need to spend hours delivery an essay about your day or time manage anything. For an alternative way to structure and strategise this is it. Here is the link to use, CLICK ME to find out more. 

Just because

if you knew me, you would know I love these things

Stay hydrated.

Ok maybe a weird one to recommend on a nail related website, but I thought I would also include some things which I use every day. My Bodem travel mug which I never leave home without and have had for over 10 years now 9 and going strong) is one of my desert island objects. But a close second is the CamelBak water bottle. I am not sure why I love this company so much and tend to collect water bottles like I do shoes and bags. I think both of these keep me hydrated, which is a good thing, and looking cool helps too. 

it is not just a fruit! 

I had to share this because if you know me you will know we are Apple everything. From ipad to ear pods, I have everything. Moving over to apple took me ages to decide and even longer to get used to, but Oh my I would never look back, for many reasons. If your considering buying an apple mac, I would definitely recommend it.