You get a twofer’ today, but even this post is not going to plan! 

So I went to bed last night with a clear intention to ‘love myself’ this morning. It is Valentines after all right, so why not celebrate love by loving yourself as much as you would show the love towards Mr or Mrs Right.

Fab… I got up, got ready, walked the dog – terrifyingly along a path of black ice in the dark, but that is a whole other story, came home, made myself a coffee and started writing, (something I love to do).

My intention was to write this post about love and how today of all days we should love ourselves…..but instead I went down the path of dead people and feelings of despair and emotional turmoil. here is the link

I wanted to write that love is more than red roses and chocolate…it is about how you feel – about how you feel.

You see we are quick to show the other person how much we love them with £££ and pennies, we share our V day with posts and pic of the flower and gifts on social media.


You see I know if your reading this you know all this already, because you have already figured out the truth about love, about needing to love yourself first and of course having the power to share that love with the world….yadda yadda yadda…….

So now I have half a page of words and another half of the page which is white, blank and empty…..time for Facebook yet?

One cup of coffee later…

I am just realising that I have no control over what I write really.

That the words your reading come from a part of me which has good intentions, a good place without ulterior motives and an end goal. The words in the top part of this blog post was not.

Let me back peddle a little and explain. You see writing my valentines blog post was intended to provide you with some entertainment, in order for you to follow me further on social media and then perhaps sign up to my one lines courses or be remind to buy something from Be Creative.

I promise I didn’t know this at the time BTW,  just thought I was going to write a cute blog post.  Basically writing this valentines post was not coming from a place of love, it was coming from a place of gain.


The blog I wrote before about dead people READ IT HERE having no goals,  was written without any motive and from a place of pure love. I wanted to share with you something I have learned.

But this Valentine’s post would have been the same as any other capitalist production, designed to make you do something because it had the word valentines or love on it.


I am currently experiencing the dawning truth of good intentions. Not contrived intentions with an ulterior motive attached to them. But pure intention with nothing to gain.

YOU SEE BOTH POSTS WOULD GIVE ME THE SAME RESULTS, but the purest one would give me the greatest learning.

I have not hidden the fact I am struggling with my emotions towards my recent diagnoses, perhaps it is the intention behind the solution I am looking for, that is holding me back.

You see the solution I want is to feeling better so I can “have ” what I had before, or “feel the same” as I did before, but what if I expected nothing in return, what if I just accepted the simple fact that things are changing and I am frustrated about it, what would happen then. If I didn’t expect anything!

BUT GOLLY GOSH – pure intention, without gain is hard right.

I am not so sure it is that hard, we just complicate it.  I think it is actually really freeing and perhaps slightly eccentric.

  1. Honesty
  2. Acceptance
  3. Generosity

Be honest with how your feeling, say it with love, and don’t worry but the consequences. Because if you say it with love and truth there are no consequences.

Accept that other people have their truth, love and beliefs, understand that they may not be able to accept your honesty, and be ok with that. It is ok to allow them their own minds.

Give of yourself, give away everything you have learned and don’t hold back if it helps others to shine. be part of someone’s growth and be generous of your self. You have a responsibility to inspire those around you with your love. Don’t deprive them of that single gift you have to give.

It is the one thing we are born with and the only thing we take with us when we die.

So this blog post is about love, but of the different, none money making, manipulative, show boating, look at me kind.

To feel love, is to accept it, in it’s purest form, from someone who gives it without intention.

Have a fabulous valentines day, you are loved today.

 Sometimes the best laid plans are not what we intended.